Targeted Financial Sanctions

Information on seeking de-listing or unfreezing for UN-listed individuals and entities who no longer meet the criteria for designation, or those who may have been inadvertently affected by prohibition or freezing.

Request for De-listing and Unfreezing

Find out when and how to send in a request for de-listing or unfreezing:

UN-Listed Individuals and Entities Seeking De-listing

Individuals and entities may request for de-listing if they have been listed by the United Nations (UN) (other than those listed under the UN Security Council Resolutions (UNSCRs) 1267/1989 and 1988) but do not or no longer meet the criteria for designation.

To apply, send the request for de-listing to the UN focal point .

Alternatively, Singapore citizens and Singapore-incorporated entities may choose to send a request to .

All requests will be assessed by the relevant authorities based on criteria set out in the relevant UNSCRs. At the end of the review, you will be informed of a decision from the relevant authorities in Singapore.

If you have been assessed to no longer meet the criteria for designation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will submit a de-listing request to the relevant Security Council Committee. Upon successful de-listing by the relevant Security Council Committee, the prohibition and freezing mechanisms under the relevant MAS Regulations and UN Regulations will no longer apply to the individual or entity.

Individuals and Entities Seeking Unfreezing

In exceptional cases, individuals and entities not listed by the UN as designated individuals or entities may be inadvertently affected by the prohibition or freezing mechanism under the regulations issued under section 27A(1)(b) of the Monetary Authority of Singapore Act or regulations issued under section 2(1) of the United Nations Act.

For example, an individual or entity could have a name similar to that of a designated individual or entity.

Affected parties may write to MAS at to request for assistance. The request should include information and supporting documents demonstrating that they are not a designated person or entity.

Upon verification, the relevant authorities will work with the affected parties to clarify and resolve the prohibition or freezing issue.

For UNSCRs 1267/1989 and 1988-Listed Individuals and Entities Seeking De-listing or Unfreezing

The following individuals and entities may refer to the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Inter-Ministerial Committee – Terrorist Designation (IMC-TD) webpage for information submitting de-listing requests:

  • Those placed on the UN 1267/1989 and 1988 Lists but do not or no longer meet the criteria for designation.
  • Those who have been inadvertently affected by any prohibition or freezing of funds or assets under these UNSCRs.