Cyber Security

Technological innovation and advancement are rapidly transforming the financial sector. The success of the digital transformation in the financial sector is underpinned by the safety and soundness of these technologies. Find out MAS’ strategies and guidance for financial institutions to achieve cyber resilience.


Digital transformation expands the options and accessibility of financial services to consumers. Financial institutions' exposure to cyber risks could increase and this could lead to operational disruptions and data breaches.

Every financial institution plays an important role in building a cyber resilient financial sector.

A cyber-attack can result in a prolonged disruption of business activities. Threats are constantly present and evolving in sophistication. We cannot afford to be complacent. Financial institutions must therefore remain vigilant and have in place effective technology risk management practices and robust business continuity plans to ensure prompt and effective response and recovery.

Advisory Panels and Committees

The MAS Cyber Security Advisory Panel (CSAP), formed in 2017, comprises leading cyber security experts and thought leaders. The panel advises on strategies for MAS and financial institutions in Singapore to sustain cyber resilience and trust in our financial system.

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