Enforcement Actions

View the list of formal regulatory and enforcement actions taken by MAS for breaches of laws and regulations administered by MAS and related matters.

The information will remain on this page for five years from the date of publication, except for prohibition orders which are still in force after five years. Such prohibition orders will remain on this page until they stop being in force. With effect from 1 April 2021, prohibition orders of duration of less than five years will be published only on this page and not on the News page, unless publication on the News page is assessed to be appropriate for reasons of public interest. A financial institution or its agent may, as part of background checks, obtain from MAS records (if any) of prohibition orders previously issued against a person, upon payment of a fee.

02 July 2024 Sun Weiyeh Criminal Prosecution Court Convicts Mr Sun Weiyeh, a Former Fund Manager, for Acts Which Were Likely to Defraud Investors
01 July 2024 Tay Joo Heng Civil Penalty Civil Penalty Action Taken Against Tay Joo Heng for Insider Trading
24 May 2024 Yuen Pui Leng Eunice, Tan Zhen Zhi, Grace, Lim Hee Loon Benny Prohibition Order MAS Bans Three Individuals for Obstructing Course of Justice, Falsification of Records and Providing False Information to MAS
20 May 2024 Muhammad Hafiz Bin Ismail Prohibition Order MAS Issues Prohibition Order Against Mr Muhammad Hafiz Bin Ismail for Dishonest Conduct
17 May 2024 Salvatore Gregory Takoushian Criminal Prosecution Former CEO of Eagle Hospitality Trust charged
07 May 2024 Swiss-Asia Financial Services Pte. Ltd., Olivier Pascal Mivelaz, Steve Knabl Composition|Reprimand MAS Imposes Composition Penalty of S$2.5 million on Swiss-Asia Financial Services Pte. Ltd. for AML/CFT Breaches, Reprimands its CEO and COO
22 April 2024 Ong Ka Yong Prohibition Order MAS issues Prohibition Order against Mr Ong Ka Yong for Cheating
18 April 2024 Gng Hoon Hong Prohibition Order MAS issues Prohibition Orders against Mr Gng Hoon Hong for Dishonest Conduct
27 March 2024 Tay Ming Hin Criminal Prosecution Person charged for false trading under the Securities and Futures Act
07 March 2024 Shim Wai Han, Doo Chun Ki, Tan Kay Siong Criminal Prosecution Former CEO and Directors of Envysion Wealth Management Pte Ltd charged