Forms and Templates
Published Date: 09 June 2023

Form 1 - Application for a Credit Bureau Licence

Applicants must download and submit Form 1 via email to apply for a licence to operate a credit bureau.

Note: Before submitting a formal application, you are encouraged to contact MAS to discuss your plans.

You should also refer to the following instructions before you file your application.

  1. Form 1 must be completed in English unless stated otherwise.
  2. You must provide all applicable supporting documents requested in Form 1.
    • Attachments should be provided in a searchable and comment-enabled format and must be provided in English, or with a certified English translation.
    • All attachments, including the application form, should be submitted in an encrypted zip file with a password. MAS will contact you for the password.
  3. All terms used in Form 1 will, except where expressly defined in the form or where the context otherwise requires, have the same meaning as defined in the Credit Bureau Act 2016  or the Credit Bureau Regulations (CBR) .
  4. If there are any changes in the information provided in the application after submission, you will have to notify MAS via email immediately.
  5. You will have to pay a non-refundable application fee for your application submission. Payments will only need to be made upon advice from MAS.