Last Revised Date: 22 August 2022

These guidelines apply to all insurers.

They set out the procedures which should be followed by insurers intending to apply for exemption from compliance with any provision of the Insurance Act 1966 ("the Act"), or any regulation or direction issued by MAS pursuant to the Act.

All applicants should submit the exemption application form in Annex 1 of these guidelines. Where there are statutory deadlines for any legislative requirements, insurers should plan ahead to meet the deadlines and submit the application form for exemption from such legislative requirements to MAS at least 28 working days before the statutory deadline.

Amendment Notes

22 Aug 2022
Previous version dated 1 Feb 2022 (174.2 KB) takes effect. (Cancelled with effect from 22 Aug 2022)

9 Dec 2004
Previous version dated 9 Dec 2004 (26.4 KB) takes effect. (Cancelled with effect from 1 Feb 2022)