Last Revised Date: 11 October 2021

Guidelines on Applications for Approval of Arrangements under Paragraph 11 of the First Schedule to the Financial Advisers Act [FAA-G06]

Guidelines on how to qualify for and apply to have foreign related corporations to carry out regulated activities under the Financial Advisers Act.

These guidelines apply to licensed financial advisers and exempt financial advisers and their foreign related corporations.

They set out the assessment criteria and information to be submitted when applying for approval for cross-border business arrangements with foreign related corporations.

Please note that MAS no longer accepts applications for approval of such arrangements, given that a notification framework has been implemented as of 9 October 2021. Please refer to the Consultation Papers and their related resources via the links below.

Amendment Notes

23 Oct 2018
FAA-G06 (Amendment) 2018 takes effect.
16 Jul 2003
Previous version last issued on 16 Jul 2003 takes effect[Cancelled]