Last Revised Date: 20 February 2013

Guidelines on Fair Dealing - Board and Senior Management Responsibilities for Delivering Fair Dealing Outcomes to Customers [FAA-G11]

Guidelines for Board and Senior Management on implementing fair dealing outcomes to customers.

These guidelines apply to the board and senior management of financial institutions.

They set out:

  • Responsibilities of the Board and Senior Management in delivering five fair outcomes to customers.
  • Best practices for the selection, marketing and distribution of investment products and the provision of advice for these products.
  • Responsibilities for after-sales services and complaints handling.
  • Explanation of the five fair dealing outcomes and why each outcome is important.
  • Key issues, illustrations of good and poor practices, and self-assessment questions for each outcome.

Amendment Notes

20 Feb 2013
FAA-G11 (Amendment) 2013 takes effect.