Last Revised Date: 05 October 2018

​Guidelines on Outsourcing

Guidelines for financial institutions on risk management of outsourcing arrangements.
Applies to: Credit/Charge Card Issuer , Full Bank (Locally Incorporated) , Full Bank (Branch) , Wholesale Bank (Branch) , Wholesale Bank (Locally Incorporated) , Finance Company , Merchant Bank (Locally Incorporated) , Merchant Bank (Branch) , Direct Insurer (Life) , Direct Insurer (General) , Direct Insurer (Composite) , Reinsurer (Life) , Reinsurer (General) , Reinsurer (Composite) , Captive Insurer , Lloyd's Asia Scheme , Financial Holding Company (Insurance) , Dealing in Capital Markets Products , Product Financing , Licensed Fund Management Company , Corporate Finance Advisory , REIT Management , Registered Fund Management Company , Credit Rating Agency , Securities Crowdfunding , Venture Capital Fund Management Company , Exempt Futures Broker , Exempt OTC Derivatives Broker , Providing Custodial Services , Exempt Corporate Finance Adviser Serving Accredited Investors , Approved CIS Trustee , Exempt Trust Company , Licensed Trust Company , Exempt Person Providing Trust Services , General Insurance Agents , Licensed Financial Adviser , Exempt Financial Adviser , Exempt Financial Adviser Serving up to 30 Accredited Investors , Markets and Exchanges , Clearing House , Trade Repository , Benchmark Administrator/Submitter , Central Securities Depository , Holding Company of Exchange or Clearing House , Credit and Charge Card Licensee , Designated Payment System Operator , Designated Payment System Settlement Institution , Standard Payment Institution , Major Payment Institution , Money-changing Licensee , Credit Bureau Licensee

These guidelines set out MAS’ expectations of a financial institution that has an outsourcing arrangement or is planning to outsource its business activities to a service provider. The Guidelines on Outsourcing dated 27 July 2016 (last revised on 5 October 2018) is in effect until 10 December 2024.

The guidelines cover:

  • Engagement with MAS on outsourcing. 
  • Sound practices on risk management of outsourcing arrangements.
  • Cloud computing.