Insurers may carry on insurance business in Singapore as licensed insurers, authorised reinsurers, approved Marine, Aviation and Transit (MAT) insurers, or foreign insurers. Insurance brokers may conduct insurance broking activities in Singapore as registered insurance brokers or approved insurance brokers. Find out about the regulations, updates and licensing for such institutions.

Types of Entities and Licences

Insurers and insurance brokers are licensed and governed under the Insurance Act . Find out about the different types of insurance entities and their licensing requirements.

For the list of insurers and insurance brokers in Singapore, see the Financial Institutions Directory.

Regulations and Guidance

MAS is governed by the MAS Act, which confers on it powers to issue legal instruments for regulation and supervision of financial institutions.

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Prudential and Supervisory Requirements

Anti-Money Laundering

Risk Management

Regulatory Submissions

Licensing, Authorisation and Registration



Consumer Finance


Development Initiatives

Schemes and Initiatives

View MAS' tax incentives and grant schemes for financial institutions with plans to establish or expand their operations in Singapore.

Roadmap for a Leading Global Financial Centre in Asia

Learn about MAS' roadmap for financial services, including growth strategies, skills upgrading, and agenda for innovation and technology.

FinTech Regulatory Sandbox

The FinTech Regulatory Sandbox helps financial institutions and FinTech players test new innovations in a controlled environment before wider adoption in Singapore and abroad.


The Financial Associate Management Scheme (FAMS) helps your financial institution to defray part of the costs of hiring and training Singapore citizen staff. 

International Postings

The International Postings Programme (iPOST) helps with the costs of sending Singapore citizen staff on overseas attachments or postings.

Leadership Development

The Asian Financial Leaders Scheme (AFLS) prepares senior-level talent to assume leadership positions and handle the growing complexity of Asia's financial institutions.

Specialised Training

A  postgraduate scholarship programme, the Finance Scholarship Programme (FSP) helps your financial institution develop specialist leaders in a variety of fields in Singapore's finance sector.

Lifelong Learning

For Singaporean finance professionals,
MAS’ SkillsFuture Study Award programme, helps you develop and deepen your skills through a wide range of programmes.

Skills & Career Development

Find out about the range of training programmes available to upgrade the capabilities of financial sector professionals.