Approved Insurance Brokers: Apply for Approval

Overseas insurance brokers in a designated country may apply to be an approved MAT insurance broker, approved general reinsurance broker or approved life reinsurance broker. Find out about the admission criteria and how to apply.

Admission Criteria

When assessing an application for approval, MAS takes into account factors such as:

  • Track record, financial soundness and reputation of the applicant with regard to compliance with its home regulations. In assessing this criteria, MAS will consult the applicant's home supervisory authority.
  • Domestic and international rankings of the applicant by factors such as premiums, among others.
  • Well-developed business plans that reflect the risk profile of the business.
  • Fitness and propriety of the applicant, and all persons having control of the applicant.


How to Apply

To apply, submit the Application form for approved insurance broker (38.7 KB).

Processing Time

MAS expects to take not more than 4 months to review and process an application if the business model is straightfoward, the applicant meets the relevant admission criteria fully, and the application is complete and clear. For more complex cases, or cases where information is assessed to be incomplete or inaccurate, MAS will need a longer time to review the application.

Please ensure that your application is complete, correct and accompanied by the requisite supporting documents.

Validity of the Approval

The approval does not need to be renewed.

The approval is valid until:

  • The approved insurance broker stops conducting the insurance broking activities for which it is approved.
  • The approval is withdrawn by the MAS.

Requirements for Approved Insurance Brokers

For more information on MAS' requirements for approved insurance brokers, refer to the following: