Last Revised Date: 14 December 2022

Notice 115A Residential Property Loans - Fact Sheet

What direct insurers must include in the required fact sheet to borrowers before granting a residential property loan.

This notice applies to all direct insurers in Singapore. Direct insurers are required to provide and explain a fact sheet to borrowers stating key information such as the tenure of the residential property loan, loan amount and repayment schedule.

This notice outlines the information to include in the fact sheet and how it should be delivered and explained to the borrower through different channels.

For further guidance on the revised MAS Notice 115A, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions (3 April 2023) (153.2 KB).

Amendment Notes

01 Jan 2018
MAS Notice 115A dated 12 December 2017 takes effect. MAS Notice 115A dated 19 January 2016 (last revised on 29 September 2016) is cancelled.

01 Nov 2016

MAS Notice 115A (Amendment) 2016 (213.5 KB) dated 29 September 2016 takes effect.

01 Apr 2016

MAS Notice 115A dated 19 January 2016 (355.7 KB) takes effect.