Last Revised Date: 02 December 2005

Notice 3003 Submission of Statement of Transactions and Profit/Loss (for both Money-Changing & Remittance Licensees) [Cancelled]

Requirements for licensees to submit statements of money-changing, inward remittance or remittance transactions.

Issued pursuant to:

Money-changing and Remittance Businesses Act (Cap. 187) section 17 and section 30

This notice applies to all holders of a money-changer’s licence and all holders of a remittance licence.

It sets out:

  • Requirements for submission of annual statements for money-changing transactions.
  • Requirements for submission of quarterly statements for inwards remittance or remittance transactions, as may be applicable.
  • Format for statement of transactions and profit/loss.

MAS Notice 3003 (Cancellation) 2020 (62.6 KB)

Amendment Notes

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