Last Revised Date: 27 November 2023

Notice 322 Information to be Submitted Relating to the Web Aggregator

Requirements on information that life insurers have to submit to the web aggregator.

This notice applies to all direct life insurers, except those that are classified as life insurers with defined market segments in MAS' Financial Institution Directory.

It sets out:

  • The products for which an insurer should submit the required information for the purposes of the web aggregator.
  • When and how the insurer has to submit this information.

Amendment Notes

27 Nov 2023
Notice 322 (Amendment) 2023 (224.8 KB) takes effect.

29 Jun 2018
Notice 322 (Amendment) 2018 (322.5 KB) takes effect.

06 Apr 2015
Notice 322 dated 06 Apr 2015 (304.6 KB) [Cancelled with effect from 1 Jan 2016]