Last Revised Date: 16 April 2020

Notice 501 Quarterly Statement on Ageing of Premiums Owing to Insurers

Requirements for direct insurance brokers to submit quarterly statements on the ageing of premiums owing to insurers.

This notice applies to all direct insurance brokers and exempt direct insurance brokers who collect or receive money from customers/insurers and are subjected to section 35ZD of the Act.

It sets out:

  • Requirements for submission of a quarterly statement on the ageing of premiums owing to insurers in respect of operations in Singapore.
  • Format for the quarterly statement.

Amendment Notes

16 Apr 2020
MAS Notice 501 (309.6 KB) (Amendment) 2020 takes effect.

17 May 2013
MAS Notice 501 (Amendment) 2013 takes effect.

01 Jan 2008
MAS Notice 501 (Amendment) 2008 takes effect.

01 Jul 2005
MAS Notice 501 (Amendment) 2005 takes effect.

24 Feb 2003
MAS Notice 501 (Amendment) 2003 takes effect.