Last Revised Date: 08 November 2021

Notice 502 Minimum Standards and Continuing Professional Development for Insurance Brokers and their Broking Staff

Requirements and best practice standards on continuing professional development for insurance brokers and their broking staff.

This notice applies to all registered insurance brokers, exempt insurance brokers and their broking staff.

It sets out:

  • Minimum standards and examination requirements for broking staff.
  • Submission requirements for appointment of broking staff.
  • Continuing professional development for broking staff.

Amendment Notes

1 Nov 2021
Appendix 1 (Amendment) 2021 (91 KB) takes effect.

30 Sep 2009
MAS Notice 502 (Amendment) 2009 takes effect.

12 Dec 2008
MAS Notice 502 (Amendment) 2008 takes effect.

01 Jul 2005
MAS Notice 502 (Amendment) 2005 takes effect.


Appendix 1: Equivalent Qualifications to the Certificate in General Insurance (CGI) qualification (89.3 KB)

Appendix 2: Please refer to the Insurance Broker Registration page for the word version of the Application for Appointment of Broking Staff.