Last Revised Date: 29 September 2022

Notice 645 Computation of Total Debt Servicing Ratio for Property Loans

Requirements for banks on computing the total debt servicing ratio (TDSR) for property loans.

This notice applies to all banks. It sets out the formula and parameters for banks to compute the total debt servicing ratio, monthly total debt obligations and gross monthly income of borrowers.

The notice also spells out the limit on monthly repayment instalments for the purchase of HDB flats and executive condominiums.

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Amendment Notes

06 Jul 2018
MAS Notice 645 (Amendment) 2018 (414 KB) takes effect.

10 Feb 2014
MAS Notice 645 (Amendment) 2014 takes effect. Notice 645 last revised on 10 February 2014 (244.6 KB).
10 Dec 2013
MAS Notice 645 (Amendment No. 2) 2013 takes effect.
28 Aug 2013
MAS Notice 645 (Amendment) 2013 takes effect.
28 Jun 2013
MAS Notice 645 dated 28 Jun 2013 takes effect.