Last Revised Date: 16 May 2024

Notice 648  Issuance of Covered Bonds by Banks Incorporated in Singapore

Requirements that banks incorporated in Singapore must comply with when issuing covered bonds.

This notice applies to all banks incorporated in Singapore. It sets out the requirements that banks have to comply with when issuing covered bonds. These include:

  • Cover pool assets and encumbrance limit.
  • Risk management requirements.
  • Notification and other requirements.

Amendment Notes

16 May 2024
MAS Notice 648 (Amendment) 2024 (150.4 KB) takes effect.

28 Sep 2021
MAS Notice 648 (Amendment) 2021 (61.8 KB) takes effect.

16 Oct 2020
MAS Notice 648 (Amendment) 2020 (438.4 KB) takes effect.