Last Revised Date: 28 June 2021

Notice 816 Lending of Singapore Dollar to Non-Resident Financial Institutions

Governs the lending of SGD by finance companies to non-resident financial institutions, including requirements for submitting monthly returns.

This notice applies to all finance companies in Singapore. It sets out the requirements for finance companies when:

  • Giving Singapore dollar credit facilities to non-resident financial institutions.
  • Arranging Singapore dollar equity or bond issues for non-resident financial institutions.

It also sets out requirements for finance companies to submit monthly returns to MAS on their aggregate outstanding Singapore dollar lending to non-resident financial institutions.

Amendment Notes

1 Jul 2021
MAS Notice 816 (Amendment) 2021 (142.4 KB) dated 28 June 2021 takes effect from 1 July 2021.

28 May 2004
MAS Notice 816 dated 20 March 2002 is cancelled.