Published Date: 29 June 2022

Notice FHC-N106 Appointment of Director, Chairperson, Member of Nominating Committee, and Key Executive Person

Requirements and guidelines on the appointment of director, chairperson and key executive person for designated financial holding companies that has a subsidiary that is a licensed insurer incorporated, formed or established in Singapore (“DFHC (Licensed Insurer”)).

This Notice applies to all DFHCs (Licensed Insurer). It sets out the requirements and guidelines for DFHCs (Licensed Insurer) to:

  • Seek MAS' approval for the appointment of any director, chairperson or key executive person.
  • Notify MAS of any additional directorship or key executive person role taken up by a key executive person.
  • Ensure that the proposed appointees for the appointment of directors and key executive persons are fit and proper to fulfil their roles and responsibilities.