Last Revised Date: 16 May 2024

Notice FHC-N653 on Net Stable Funding Ratio Disclosure

Requirements for specified predominantly banking designated financial holding companies (predominantly banking DFHCs) to disclose information about their net stable funding ratio (NSFR).

Issued pursuant to:

Financial Holding Companies Act 2013 section 60(1)

This notice applies to all financial holding companies (FHCs) that –
(a) have a subsidiary that is a bank incorporated in Singapore;
(b) are predominantly banking DFHCs; and
(c) are internationally active designated financial holding companies or are entities within a group that is designated by the Authority as a domestic systemically important bank (D-SIB),
(referred to in this Notice as “FHCs”, or each, an “FHC”).

It sets out requirements for an FHC to disclose quantitative and qualitative information about its net stable funding ratio (NSFR).

Amendment Notes

01 July 2024
MAS Notice FHC-N653 (314 KB) dated 16 May 2024 and effective 1 July 2024.
MAS Notice FHC-N653 (Amendment) 2024 (322 KB) dated 16 May 2024 takes effect.
01 July 2022
MAS Notice FHC-N653 (279 KB) dated 29 June 2022 takes effect.