Last Revised Date: 16 March 2020

Notice SFA 04/13-N01 Cancellation Period for Units in Authorised Collective Investment Schemes

Sets out the obligations of managers of authorised Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) and other relevant persons in relation to a cancellation of the purchase of units in an authorised CIS by an investor.
This notice applies to authorised CIS managers and other relevant persons specified in paragraph 5 of the notice, who shall provide to investors with a right to cancel an agreement to purchase units in an authorised CIS within 7 calendar days.

Amendment Notes

16 Mar 2020
SFA 04/13-N01 (Amendment) 2020 (174.1 KB) takes effect.
08 Oct 2018
SFA 04/13-N01 (Amendment) 2018 takes effect.
20 Mar 2003
SFA 04/13-N01 (Amendment) 2003 takes effect.