Development and International Group

The Development and International Group supports Singapore's growth as an international financial centre, promotes a vibrant financial market and helps MAS shape international policies. 

Our Departments

Financial Centre Development Department

The Financial Centre Development Department supports the growth of Singapore as an international financial centre through nurturing an attractive and conducive business environment for financial institutions, and deepening Singapore’s position as a pan-Asian banking hub. The department fosters key strategic activities and capabilities that contribute to these objectives.

Financial Markets Development Department

The Financial Markets Development Department aims to promote a vibrant financial market in Singapore, with a focus on developing the capital market, asset management and insurance sectors, and to foster a sound and innovative technology, payments and exchange infrastructure. The department is also responsible for formulating strategies to spur the development of green finance capabilities and solutions across the financial sector.

International Department

The International Department shapes the development of MAS' policies on international monetary and financial issues, enabling MAS to play an active role in international financial fora. Working closely with other Singapore government agencies, the department promotes cooperation with other central banks, finance ministries and international financial institutions.