Technology Group

The Technology Group brings together expertise in data analytics, information technology and cybersecurity to support MAS as a digitally enabled and secure organisation and strengthen the supervision of technology risks in the financial sector. 

Our Departments

Data Analytics Department

Data Analytics Department (DAD) leads MAS’ efforts to position itself and the financial sector for the digital economy of the future by harnessing data analytics to unlock insights and improve work efficiency across the organisation. 

DAD comprises of two offices:

Data Governance Office formulates data management policies, manages data acquisition, quality assurance, access and dissemination as well as develops appropriate data architectures in partnership with the IT Department.

SupTech and Analytics Office leverages the latest artificial intelligence and data analytics capabilities to enhance MAS’ supervision of the financial industry and also provides analytics solutions for our central banking, development and corporate functions in MAS.

Information Technology Department

The Information Technology Department promotes the strategic use of technology and provides IT services to the organisation.

The department also manages two nation-wide financial networks, namely the MASNET and the MAS Electronic Payment System (MEPS). The networks provide the infrastructure for efficient electronic communication and collaboration in the financial sector, and minimize payment risks for Singapore's banking system, respectively.

The department also oversees the project management and administration of our national payment system, MAS Electronic Payment System (MEPS+), as well as the Singapore Clearing House Association and Automated Clearing House. In addition, it drives payment initiatives to promote the adoption of e-payments in Singapore.

Technology and Cyber Risk Supervision Department

The Technology and Cyber Risk Supervision Department (“TCRD”) formulates technology risk management and cybersecurity strategy as well as policies for the financial sector, performs cyber surveillance to maintain situational awareness over the latest cyber threats.  The department supervises financial institutions' technology risk management and business continuity management practices to maintain the reliability, security and resilience of their systems and services. It is also responsible for the review of MAS’ internal cybersecurity risk management measures.