Advisory Panels and Committees

MAS' advisory panels and committees comprise global industry experts and thought leaders. These panels provide MAS with valuable insights and advice on specific areas.

International Advisory Panel

Formed in November 1998, the International Advisory Panel (IAP) comprises some of the world's leading financial experts. The panel advises the MAS on Singapore's financial sector reforms and strategies.

International Technology Advisory Panel

Formed in August 2016, the International Technology Advisory Panel (ITAP) comprises leaders in the area of technology and innovation, FinTech business leaders and venture capitalists.

Financial Centre Advisory Panel

Formed in July 2015, the Financial Centre Advisory Panel (FCAP) comprises leaders from the banking, insurance and asset management industries in Singapore. FCAP aims to strengthen the dialogue and partnership between the MAS and the financial industry, to drive financial sector growth and the development of Singapore as an international financial centre.

Sustainable Finance Advisory Panel

MAS establishes Sustainable Finance Advisory Panel (SFAP) to help guide MAS on its strategies and initiatives to build a credible and vibrant sustainable finance ecosystem.

Cyber Security Advisory Panel

The MAS Cyber Security Advisory Panel (CSAP), formed in 2017, comprises leading cyber security experts and thought leaders. The panel advises on strategies for MAS and financial institutions in Singapore to sustain cyber resilience and trust in our financial system.

Investment and Risk Advisory Panel

Formed in 2012, the Investment and Risk Advisory Panel (IRAP) advises MAS on portfolio investment and risk management. It comprises leading financial experts in the areas of portfolio construction, asset allocation, risk governance, macroeconomic and market developments, and climate change.

Singapore Note And Coin Advisory Committee

Established in 1999, the Singapore Note and Coin Advisory Committee (SNCAC) advises MAS on matters pertaining to the development of Singapore currency notes and coins.