Zone B: Sustainable Non-Inflationary Economic Growth

The Singapore economy is built on sound monetary fundamentals. Discover how MAS lays a strong foundation for sustainable, non-inflationary economic growth.

Sustainable Non-Inflationary Economic Growth

MAS promotes sustainable, non-inflationary economic growth through the conduct of monetary policy. Find out about our framework and central bank operations.

A Very Open Economy

Singapore is one of the world's most open economies, trading with a diverse range of countries worldwide. Learn about Singapore's trade-oriented economy through the interactive display.

Steady Economic Growth

Singapore has undergone several rounds of economic transformations since independence. Have fun with the interactive timeline wall and see how the Singapore economy has changed from the 1960s to the present day. 

Low and Stable Inflation

MAS aims to maintain a low and stable rate of inflation that provides a conducive environment for sustainable economic growth. Join us at the interactive kiosks to explore how some prices have changed over the years. 

An Exchange Rate-Centred Monetary Policy Framework

In the small and open Singapore economy, the exchange rate is an effective tool for maintaining domestic price stability. Learn about our unique monetary policy framework through an immersive game.

The BBC Framework

MAS' monetary policy is centred on managing the Singapore dollar against a basket of currencies within a policy band. This policy band crawls or is typically on an appreciating path over time. Find out how this framework helps to maintain price stability.

How Does The Exchange Rate Affect Inflation

MAS' exchange rate policy affects inflation through import prices as well as the demand for good and services made in Singapore. Discover how changes in the exchange rate affect inflation.