Zone C: A Robust and Sound Financial System

Find out how MAS plays the roles of an integrated supervisor and a  central bank to uphold confidence in Singapore’s financial system. 

A Robust and Sound Financial System

Singapore's economy, currency and financial system are impacted by global developments and local conditions. As an integrated supervisor and a central bank, MAS promotes financial stability and brings confidence, fostering a robust and sound financial system.

Weathering Financial Storms

With its open economy and financial system, Singapore is not spared from regional or global shocks. In this video documentary, learn how Singapore has weathered some financial crises over the years, and emerged stronger each time.

Managing the Official Foreign Reserves (OFR)

MAS manages the Official Foreign Reserves (OFR) of Singapore. The OFR helps to maintain confidence in Singapore's monetary policy framework and secure Singapore's macroeconomic stability. 

Maintaining Confidence in the Singapore Dollar

Domestic and global developments can cause fluctuations in the Singapore Dollar (SGD). MAS monitors these developments and assesses how they may affect the path of the SGD and the Official Foreign Reserves (OFR).

Currency Test Station

Singapore's currency notes and coins have various advanced security features to minimise the risk of counterfeiting. 

Regulating and Supervising the Financial Sector

MAS uses four aspects of regulation and supervision to maintain confidence in Singapore's financial markets.

Technology to Strengthen Supervision and Regulatory Compliance

As the volume, variety and speed of transactions increase rapidly in the digital economy, MAS and financial institutions use supervisory technology and regulatory technology, respectively, to enhance supervision and regulatory compliance.

Financial Stability

Financial stability is essential in promoting economic growth. Through this interactive game, find out more about potential pitfalls to financial stability and how MAS works to ensure Singapore's financial system remains resilient.