Responsible Use of Data

Responsible Use of Data

Every second, massive amounts of data are mined to enhanced financial products and services. As the financial industry harnesses the potential of artificial intelligence and data analytics (AIDA) on an increasing scale, it is important to deploy AIDA in a responsible and ethical manner.

As a consumer, are you comfortable sharing your personal data, which plays a part in enabling innovations that will transform and improve lives? For a financial institution, what are the guiding principles for using AIDA?

Data Dilemma    FEAT

Through two thought-provoking interactive kiosks, explore the various consumer dilemmas, and find out how the principles of Fairness, Ethics, Accountability and Transparency can be applied to promote public confidence and trust in the use of AIDA in the financial sector. When used responsibly and effectively, AIDA has significant potential to mitigate risks, facilitate stronger decision-making and ultimately, improve lives.

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