Economic Policy Group

The Economic Policy Group is responsible for the surveillance and forecasting of the domestic and external economies, monetary policy formulation, macroprudential surveillance, as well as economic research in MAS. It also undertakes the role of knowledge management for MAS, which includes data, library and records management.

Our Departments

Economic Analysis Department

The Economic Analysis Department assesses labour and price developments in the Singapore economy and coordinates research to support monetary policy decisions. On monetary policy implementation issues, the Department works closely with the Monetary and Domestic Markets Management Department. The Department also maintains a suite of macroeconomic models to assess the impact of shifts in monetary policy and macro-prudential policies.

Economic Surveillance and Forecasting Department

The Economic Surveillance and Forecasting Department undertakes surveillance and forecasting of the global and domestic economies, which are key inputs for monetary policy decision making. The Department works closely with the Economic Analysis Department on monetary policy formulation. 

Macroprudential Surveillance Department

The Macroprudential Surveillance Department conducts surveillance of the global and domestic financial systems to identify emerging trends and vulnerabilities. The Department undertakes policy-relevant studies on macro-financial linkages, systemic risk and other financial stability issues. It works closely with MAS' supervisory departments to ensure that both macro- and micro-prudential perspectives are brought to bear on financial stability issues.

Enterprise Knowledge Management Department

The Enterprise Knowledge Department partners other MAS departments to manage MAS’ knowledge assets, by formulating information and data governance policy. The department works together with the Technology Group to implement these policies.