Finance, Risk & Currency Group

 The Finance, Risk and Currency Group manages MAS' financial resources, and develops risk management policies and strategies. It is also responsible for the currency issuance function.

Our Departments

Finance Department

The Finance Department manages MAS' financial resources. It performs financial and management accounting as well as settlements and custody operations to support our investment activities. The department also provides accounting and financial services to Financial Sector Development Fund.

Risk Management Department

The Risk Management Department facilitates the development of policies and strategies to mitigate MAS’ business continuity and enterprise-wide risks, as well as the financial risks of MAS' global investments. It collaborates closely with government agencies and industry stakeholders to strengthen MAS and industry’s crisis management preparedness, and assists the MAS Board's Risk Committee in providing oversight and guidance on the management of organization-wide risks.

Currency Department

The Currency Department is responsible for the issuance of currency and administration of the Currency Act. It maintains the integrity, confidence and quality of the Singapore currency and proactively manages the currency-in-circulation and stock to meet public demand. The department is responsible for the design and development of currency notes and coins, in consultation with the Singapore Note and Coin Advisory Committee.