Organisation and People Development

The Organisation and People Development Group synergises our efforts in strengthening and transforming MAS as an organisation by bringing together matters relating to, including our workplace, people, culture and legal support.

Our Departments

Organisation Development and Communications Department

The Organisation Development and Communications Department leads MAS' efforts to strengthen positive perception of MAS and Singapore's financial centre and make MAS a great place to work. 

The department directs MAS' corporate communications efforts, through the development of key communication strategies and engagement of external stakeholders, including the media. It facilitates and supports MAS' corporate planning, organisational development and internal transformation efforts, to achieve long-term organisational effectiveness. The department also serves as the secretariat to the MAS Board.

Corporate Services Department

The Corporate Services Department is responsible for optimising MAS' corporate resources, providing cost-effective solutions, delivering excellent customer-centric services and providing a secure environment for staff to work in.

In support of MAS' organisational and business needs, the functions of the department comprise logistics, administration, events management, property, tenancy management, building maintenance and physical security control.

People Development Department

The People Development Department is responsible for formulating and implementing policies that seek to attract, develop and retain talent for the organisation. These include working with departments to support staff’s career and professional development and well-being, enhancing talent acquisition and service delivery to staff, ensuring that there is a fair performance appraisal system and competitive remuneration package, as well as designing and implementing initiatives to strengthen leadership development. 

Legal Department

The Legal Department oversees all legal matters in MAS. This encompasses advising on issues emanating from the role of MAS as a central bank and financial regulator. This includes assisting other MAS Departments in the development and formulation of regulatory and supervisory frameworks, drafting of statutory and regulatory instruments and agreements as well as supporting the money market operations and international engagements of MAS.

MAS Academy

The MAS Academy coordinates training efforts across MAS to strengthen leadership and professional competencies, and inculcate MAS’ values amongst staff. The Academy also contributes towards training for the regional regulatory community.